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from 13.33 €/guest/night

The 36-person chalet is located on the eastern edge of the guard in a small village in Venice.... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
tenbed room (2 persons)
133.33 €
4 bed room (4 persons)
53.33 €
6 bed room (6 persons)
80 €

Hotels Vaspör - Nyírfa Turistaház 's page

Accomodations near Vaspör

Special architectural and natural endowments, souled magical place that we, the owners can... More...

Hotels Zalacséb - Malom Tanya Panzió 's page

Szent Jakab Turistaház - Hegyhátszentjakab

St. James Coach House Guard, the lake is Vadása B category, accessible cottage. 6 rooms with 46... More...

Hotels Hegyhátszentjakab - Szent Jakab Turistaház 's page

Nádkunyhó Vendégház - Hegyhátszentjakab

Hegyhátszentjakab the Guard at the gate, a separate guesthouse in the center of the village... More...

Hotels Hegyhátszentjakab - Nádkunyhó Vendégház 's page

Our shop is 7km from Iron County Körmend Nádasdi 86-inch main road next to the National Guard Park... More...